THE ROAD TO CAPE TRIBULATION IS OPEN! Whilst we still need to manage the tour day to day, we are confident that we are able to get to Cape Tribulation. We look forward to taking you there!!

A Complete Guide To The Best Cape Tribulation Beaches

The beaches of Cape Tribulation deliver in so many ways, presenting an idyllic tropical paradise. While the golden sands, blue skies and verdant green rainforest would be more than enough, what makes the beaches of Cape Tribulation an essential thing to do are their unique connection with the Great Barrier Reef. Stroll the sands of Cape Tribulation Beach and you’re not only walking amid stunning coastal scenery unchanged across millennia, but you’re just an arm’s length from the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and Great Barrier Reef, the only place in the world where natural World Heritage sites sit side-by-side. Remember though: while the waters off Cape Tribulation beaches are undoubtedly inviting, swimming here is not recommended. Ensure to pay attention to warning signs around Cape Tribulation beaches, as estuarine crocodiles and marine stingers are present in these waters.

Cape Tribulation Beach

Dense clouds hugging the distant rainforest peaks of Daintree National Park contrast with golden sands underfoot and the crystal clear waters of the fringing Great Barrier Reef: you’re standing at the very point where the reef meets the rainforest at Cape Tribulation Beach. It goes without saying that you’ll be keen to absorb these timeless reef and rainforest vistas, and that’s exactly what you’ll do when you stop here for a picnic lunch on Cape Tribulation Beach with Cape Trib Connections. We’re the only day tour operators to make the time for this memorable lunch setting, followed by a peaceful walk to explore the beach and soak in the sweeping coastal views afforded from the lookout. We’ll make sure your day spent exploring the beaches of Cape Tribulation is a relaxing one, with time to soak in each of the ingredients that make this area unique. From the wildlife to the reef, rainforest of course Cape Tribulation Beach!

Tropical Beach Ambience

Cape Tribulation Beach is a place of surprises. As you approach by road, there is little to suggest at the vast expanse of beach that lies just beyond the thick rainforest vegetation. Wandering the pathway down to the beach, you emerge from the cool air and relative protection of the rainforest canopy, the carpet of rainforest leaves transforming into the soft sands of this stunning coastline. Depending on the time of visit, flowers may be scattered under some trees adding a splash of bold red and pink to the already tropical palette before you. Exploring the length of the beach amid the chirping of cicadas and lapping of the Coral Sea’s waves on the shore, you can’t help but feel the history and remoteness of the area. To explore Cape Tribulation Beach is to explore the lands of ancient, rainforest-covered Gondwana — a must-do activity in Cape Tribulation. Read on for more information on other stunning beaches of Cape Tribulation.

Myall Beach

Myall Beach marks the end of the Great Barrier Reef Drive, where a short walk under the dappled light of Dubuji Boardwalk and to the south of the Cape Tribulation headland rewards visitors with views of fringing reefs on one side and palm-lined coastal rainforest on the other.

Mason Creek completes its journey through the Daintree here, its cool rainforest waters and intricate mangrove forests abundant with bird life, making it the perfect spot to stop and appreciate the scene, or maybe do some birdwatching.

Noah Beach

Known as home to the only public campground in Cape Tribulation, popular Noah Beach joins ancient lowland tropical rainforest with the busy wildlife at Noah Creek, fringing Coral Reefs and the rocky headland, crowned with silhouettes of the towering beach pandanus.

Exploring Noah Beach provides plentiful photo opportunities. Reef and rainforest are divided only by the sand under your toes, the Coral Sea’s tides moulding ever-changing sand bars at the Noah Creek mouth as it disappears into the depths of the ancient Daintree Rainforest. One of the many picture perfect beaches of Cape Tribulation.

Thornton Beach

While your introduction to the magnitude of the timeless Cape Tribulation landscape comes at Mount Alexandra Lookout, Thornton Beach offers the first glimpse from the Great Barrier Reef Drive of this iconic meeting point of reef and rainforest.

With the 1,374-metre Thornton Peak looming on one side and the depths of the Great Barrier Reef on the other, Thornton Beach showcases the extremes of this ancient wilderness. Emerging from the thick rainforest understory, past coastal flax lilies and striking pandanus, visitors are struck by the contrasting white sands and coastal panoramas, interrupted only by the mysterious Struck Rock Island just metres offshore. So many photo opportunities on the beaches of Cape Tribulation.

Cow Bay Beach

Before you ask, we’re not entirely sure why it’s called Cow Bay! Some suggest it may be due to the presence of the peaceful dugongs — sea cows — although the prevailing theory links the name to the area’s pastoral history.

The remote rainforest uplands of the Daintree Rainforest sweep downhill from Mount Alexandra to Cow Bay Beach, reminding visitors of this area’s unique link between two natural World Heritage sites.

With Thornton Peak touching the sky in the distance, Cow Bay Beach’s utter seclusion places visitors in the perfect mindset to pause and appreciate the rare and endemic plant and animal life that calls the Daintree home.

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