THE ROAD TO CAPE TRIBULATION IS OPEN! Whilst we still need to manage the tour day to day, we are confident that we are able to get to Cape Tribulation. We look forward to taking you there!!

If your tour departs in the next 3 days, please call us Cape Trib Connections

Please note your booking is not confirmed until we contact you with confirmation details. If you are making a booking for a tour with departure in the next 72hours (3 days) please call us to make your reservation on freecall 1800 838 757.


Cape Tribulation and the areas we travel to are remote and special. Unique road and weather conditions may be encountered.

DECEMBER-APRIL is the ‘wet season’ in the north. It can be difficult to complete the full itinerary. If there are delays brought about by environmental factors, such as flooding rivers and challenging terrain, then we will amend the itinerary as needed. We are not accountable or responsible for changes to the tours brought about as a result of these influences.

Cape Trib Connections recommends that passengers take out their own travel insurance, as we cannot be held responsible for damaged, lost or stolen belongings.

Cape Trib Connections cannot be held responsible for any personal injury. We have been operating since 2001 and have a responsible and respected name in the industry. We maintain our vehicles to a high standard and the vehicles are inspected by Queensland Transport on a regulated basis.

Cape Trib Connections cannot be held responsible if events occur such as breakdowns and delays. If we are unable to complete the tours as listed on this website for whatever reason, whether man-made or natural, no refunds will be given.

Cape Trib Connections reserves the right to change prices on this website at any time, without notice, as it sees fit. Cape Trib Connections reserves the right to introduce a fuel levy without notice at any time. This is due to escalating fuel prices that are ongoing.

A signed disclaimer is required by all customers before travelling on the Atherton Tablelands and Waterfalls Adventure Tour due to the nature of the terrain we visit. This will be provided on the day.

Cape Trib Connections reserves the right to alter or change any tour day or itinerary as it sees fit for any reason without notice due to the global financial crisis.

Cancellation Policy:

  • If cancelled within 48 hours of travel, a 100% fee applies.

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