Our next available tour is on Monday the 18th September. Bookings can be made online, or by calling (07) 4032 0500.

Our tour to Cape Tribulation is broken into four main components. We try to spend an hour at each of these components, during the day tour.

  1. There is a guided rainforest walk on a National Park boardwalk north of the Daintree River in the Cape Tribulation section of the Daintree National Park. We visit Jindalba or Marrdja Boardwalks.
  2. We visit the Kulki day use area at Cape Tribulation Beach. This gives us direct access onto the main Cape Tribulation beach and the lookout, which is located a short walk away on the headland of Cape Tribulation. We have a picnic lunch here. You can enjoy lunch at one of the picnic tables, or sit on the beach and have it experiencing panoramic views. Lunch is pre-ordered and picked up in Cairns and taken with us to Cape Tribulation. Lunch is cold. We do not have lunch at one of the accommodation houses located at Cape Tribulation. The reason is simple. It takes up too much of your time and if you’re lucky enough to be taken to the main Cape Trib beach after your lunch, you won’t be given very much time at the beach. We think it’s a long way to go to Cape Tribulation just to have lunch at a resort.
  3. If you do not order lunch with us, make sure you bring your own with you. We do not stop anywhere so you can buy it. We believe it takes up too much time. This is also why we don’t stop and have morning tea. Twenty minutes is a lot of time to spend having morning tea and this is time we’d rather spend at Cape Tribulation. Lunch is at midday, so it’s not a late lunch.

  4. We will take you for a crocodile spotting and nature cruise on the Daintree River. We use the only eco-accredited crocodile cruise company that operates on the Daintree River. After the cruise we serve afternoon refreshments.
  5. We visit the Mossman Gorge. We lose a bit of time changing buses here but it’s completely out of our control. The gorge is run by a company called Voyagers and whilst we have national park permits to enter the gorge, Voyagers refuses to allow us to do this. We must use their shuttle buses and waiting for the bus and changing buses does take up valuable time. We still do our best to spend the full hour in the gorge itself. Depending on conditions there is an opportunity to have a swim in the crystal clear waters of the gorge. So do bring swimmers if you want to have a swim. There is free time here to walk around and enjoy the scenery on your own.

There are also two lookouts that we stop at during the tour. One north of the river which looks south from the top of the Alexandra range. The other is located half way between Port Douglas and Cairns. We get back to Cairns around 6.30pm.

For more information and pricing, visit our Cape Tribulation day tour page.

Thank you and good times.
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