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A Complete Guide Of The Best Things To Do InBeautiful Cape Tribulation

Embark on a voyage of discovery and adventure when you visit the iconic Cape Tribulation, with Cape Trib Connections. We’ll take you deep into the beating green heart of the ancient Daintree Rainforest, crossing rivers, exploring the forest on elevated boardwalks and wandering Cape Tribulation Beach, where the reef meets the rainforest. Our day tour packs in the highlights of this natural paradise, with an itinerary that includes all the essential things to do in Cape Tribulation. You’ll be fully guided by local experts who will reveal the secrets of the rainforest’s flora, fauna and evolution, in a fun and factual way. At Cape Trib Connections, we’re all about small group touring and ensuring you connect with this amazing place, in a meaningful way. Read on to learn more about all the things to do in Cape Tribulation.

Discover The Rainforest

Walking in the rainforests of Cape Tribulation is one of the best ways to appreciate the subtle transformations in the unique Daintree landscapes, from lowland tropical rainforest to mangroves, creeks and the endless beaches joining the Great Barrier Reef. We provide the time to stop, look and listen to the sounds of the rainforest, explaining how its many inhabitants work together to thrive in Cape Tribulation.

Explore The Beach

One of the best things to do in Cape Tribulation is to get the sand between your toes on the beach. Indeed, Cape Tribulation Beach is the only place in the world where two natural UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites sit side by side: the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and Great Barrier Reef. Bonus, we’re the only day tour operator to provide lunch on Cape Tribulation Beach, maximising your time in this stunning destination.

Getting There Is Half The Fun With Us

A Cape Tribulation day trip with us, is as much about the journey as it is the destination. We’ll make sure you won’t miss a thing. Making our way north from Cairns to Palm Cove, we cruise the Great Barrier Reef Drive along the coast, enjoying views to the Great Barrier Reef on one side and the ever-varied landscapes of the McAlister Range on the other. Towering eucalypts and dry woodlands are punctuated with ancient cycads at the foothills of the mountains. Beyond each corner of the drive, stunning panoramas appear of rainforest mountainsides spilling into the Coral Sea and — on a clear day — north to Snapper Island and Cape Kimberley.

North of the tourist mecca of Port Douglas your views expand into vast coastal plains, the road lined with farms toiling the fertile tropical earth for fresh tropical produce such as cane, bananas and exotic fruits. From here we connect with the Daintree Ferry, which escorts us across the Daintree River which is home to estuarine crocodiles and a diverse range of tropical birds and fish, heading into the stunning ancient rainforest of Daintree and Cape Tribulation.

Cape Tribulation Walks & Talks With Us

Definitely one of the best things to do in Cape Tribulation is get out and explore the stunning surrounds. Your first opportunity to do this is at the scenic Mount Alexandra lookout. This place is consistently ranked in the top 10 list of things to do in Cape Tribulation. It’s also one of the most popular stops on our Cape Tribulation day tour, showcasing expansive views stretching from the Daintree Rainforest’s coastal lowlands to the Daintree River mouth and out to the turquoise waters of the Great Barrier Reef. It’s here you can appreciate the sheer size of these two iconic World Heritage Areas — the Wet Tropics rainforests and Great Barrier Reef. From there, it’s into the forest to explore more.

We’ll choose between the Marrdja and Jindalba boardwalks, both of which provide the chance to wander amongst an ancient landscape, relatively untouched by the passage of time. Walks in the rainforests of Cape Tribulation are definitely best appreciated with a guide. Why? Guides will unlock the secrets of the rainforest for you, pointing out key species and areas of interest. The Cape Trib Connections guides have a deep understanding of the ancient Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and its inhabitants, and they also know the best photo opportunities! We will share all the best things to do in Cape Tribulation when you choose us, as your preferred tour operator.

Lunch On The Beach & Crocodile Cruises

Lunch on the beach is definitely part of our top things to do in Cape Tribulation list and we are the only day tour operator to provide this experience. From your position on the beach you can capture the lush green rainforest of the Daintree, golden sands of Cape Tribulation and the emerald waters of the Coral Sea, all in one single panorama. There’s time to take a short stroll from the Kulki Boardwalk carpark, where you will be rewarded with views of the Cape Tribulation headland and the Coral Sea surrounds. While a dip in the water might be tempting, this is definitely not one of the things to do in Cape Tribulation. Swimming at Cape Tribulation beach is restricted year-round due to the presence of estuarine crocodiles; so take care and pay attention to relevant warning signs.

Speaking of crocodiles, another one of the great things to do in Cape Tribulation is to take a crocodile cruise along the Daintree River. This is one of the best (and safest) ways to catch a glimpse of the Daintree’s oftentimes shy residents — namely the fearsome saltwater crocodiles, whose powerful figures offer a reminder of this rainforest’s Gondwanan origins. Bird life is abundant here too; see if you can spot the sleepy-eyed tawny frogmouth camouflaged in the forest, or the orange and blue flashes of the azure kingfisher as it plunges into the river for a snack.

Refreshing Swim At Mossman Gorge

Mossman Gorge is a magical place where you can learn about the local Indigenous culture and their rainforest foods and medicines. After a series of scenic walks, a refreshing dip in the cool rainforest waters awaits. You can be assured, this is a completely safe place to swim and it’s another one of the highlights in the list of things to do in Cape Tribulation. Free from freshwater and saltwater crocodiles, the waters flowing through the Mossman Gorge tumble down from the mountains above, carving their way through the rainforest and scattered with large granite boulders. The emerald waters are always cool, even in the height of the summer months and the rocks provide the perfect place to soak up the views and ambience that surrounds you here.

As you can see, there’s so many things to do at Cape Tribulation and all of the above are included in our great value for money day tour! When you choose to travel with Cape Trib Connections you are ensuring you make the most of your visit and capture every memorable moment the amazing Daintree and Cape Tribulation have to offer.

Why Travel with Cape Trib Connections

Sustainable Travel

All proceeds from your tour with our family company, go back into the local economy and supporting local business. Now that’s sustainable travel.

Highly Experienced

For more than 20 years, we’ve been running great tours across this amazing destination. We know all the best things to do in Cape Tribulation and will ensure you have the best time.

Great Guides

Hand-picked guides will reveal the secrets of this ancient rainforest landscape and ensure you get every chance to see the rare and endangered rainforest plants and animals.

Sit Back & Relax

Forget about navigating and negotiating traffic, you can relax in Cape Trib Connections’ air-conditioned tour bus and just enjoy the many things to do in Cape Tribulation!

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Cape Tribulation Frequently Asked Questions

Can you swim in Cape Tribulation?

There are some safe freshwater swimming holes at Cape Tribulation, providing you follow the signs and advice from your tour guide. Estuarine crocodiles are present along the coastline, so swimming at Cape Tribulation beaches is not recommended as a part of the things to do in Cape Tribulation ultimate guide.

Is Cape Tribulation dangerous?

Take notice of the warning signs and advice of your tour guide and Cape Tribulation is a safe, family-friendly destination. Swimming is restricted year-round at Cape Tribulation beaches due to the presence of estuarine crocodiles, while marine stingers including box jellyfish make the coastal waters a no-go during summer.

Is the road to Cape Tribulation sealed?

Yes. The Great Barrier Reef Drive is sealed from Cairns to Port Douglas and onwards to Cape Tribulation, making it an easy and safe scenic drive suitable for all vehicles. The Daintree Ferry escorts vehicles of all types across the Daintree River, but you will need a four-wheel drive to continue north on the Bloomfield Track, which can be closed during the wet season (December-March).

Why is Cape Tribulation famous?

While currently renowned as home to the world’s oldest tropical rainforests, Cape Tribulation is the site of the famous 1983 Daintree Blockade, where protesters gathered to halt construction on the proposed road to Bloomfield. The protest caught the national media’s attention and, while the road was finished the following year, the Daintree area’s natural values were ultimately recognised with its World Heritage listing in 1988.

Are there crocodiles in Cape Tribulation?

Yes, estuarine crocodiles are present in Cape Tribulation rivers, tidal areas and along the coast. You should heed warning signs and the directions of your guide around water, and never swim in waters where crocodiles may be present.

Are there dangerous animals in the Daintree rainforest?

As with many pristine natural environments around the world, visitors to Cape Tribulation should follow warning signs and stick to marked trails in the rainforest. Crocodiles and marine stingers are present in the rivers and coastal waters, while some species of the region’s snakes are venomous. Cape Trib Connections’ knowledgeable guides will take you safely to the best scenic spots and share the story of this stunning ecosystem and its rare and special inhabitants.

Is Cape Tribulation worth visiting?

Absolutely! Cape Tribulation and the Daintree is the perfect place to explore the untouched ancient tropical rainforests of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. In addition to stunning rainforest, coastal scenery and pristine waterholes, Daintree National Park is home to rare and endemic plants and animals including the blue tassel fern and southern cassowary.

How much does the Daintree ferry cost?

At 1 July 2020, the Daintree Ferry starts from $18 one-way and $31 return for private cars. Your Daintree River Ferry fees are included when travelling with Cape Trib Connections. More information on current fees are available from Douglas Shire Council.

Do I need a 4WD to get to Cape Tribulation?

No. The road from Cairns to Cape Tribulation is sealed and open to all vehicles and hire cars. The Daintree River Ferry provides access to Cape Tribulation, but if you want to travel further north to Bloomfield a 4WD vehicle is essential.

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